Tom Charlton
(Top Gun)
02/21/15 11:50 PM
Re: Piper's Diesel Archer


The guy's name is Bill; Broadway from Huntsville, AL, where I used to live. I now live in East TN. Bill stops by about every other month when he's coming back from, shooting pics of a stockpile of something somewhere NE of here. He also does lidar (sp?) work and other aerial photo work. I'd bet that if you asked him at coffee how many of those Continental engines he's been through he couldn't tell you to save his neck. He knows that airplane and that engine!
He used to work for Atlantic Aerial Survey (or sumpin' like that) then went on his own decades ago.
His industry has been greatly changed by GPS, lidar and other technology, of course.

Hi Ralph,
Yup, I remember Bill Broadway! Didnt know him real well. Its a small industry and eventually everybody knows everybody. If I recall correctly we may have helped Bill get set up initially with the Aerial Mapping specific GPS navigation flight planning software.

LiDAR with a small i is the way its typically written these days. Amazing technology that Im intimately familiar with! An early LiDAR project that I flight planned was a large area around Huntsville.

Ive dealt with Atlantic Aerial Surveys a number of times over the years. They were eventually bought out by some large Canadian firm resulting in many disgruntled employees as I recall. Number of years back I hired a Camera Systems Operator whod previously worked there. (Eventually had to fire him<ng>)

Done burned through my share of Continentals also<g>/<ng> The crew at Ada, OK improved that situation bunches though.

Next time you see Bill tell him you know a guy retired from ACA in Orlando, FL.

Tom Charlton

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