Tom Charlton
(Top Gun)
02/21/15 03:26 PM
Re: Piper's Diesel Archer


Ralph H. posted:
I have a friend who flies hundreds of hours per year doing high-tech aerial photography under contract. He owns/operates/flies his own C-210

Hi Ralph,
Who dat? Can you say? I might knowím.
High-tech aerial imaging/data collection . . . Datís what I done did for many a year. In fact I knew a guy out of Ormond Beach, FL who independently owned and flew a C-210 for mapping.

Concur with what Scott D. said as to driving forces for Jet-A, be it diesel or turbine. Thatís what really drove sales of turbine AG aircraft in South America and elsewhere, ie: unavailability of avgas.

Tom Charlton (anyone remember a unique smell of burned red 80 octane?)

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