Ralph Hood
(Top Gun)
04/01/13 03:20 PM
Re: New Piper owner

Gil B--

Congrats on the "new" airplane. I'm becoming more and more convinced that recreational flying is the way to go. Seems to me it's a lot more fun--and a lot less money--than flying around on a schedule, even if it's your own schedule.

I've many a happy hour in a PA-28. I was with a Piper distributor at the time I got my instrument ticket, working with dealers and flight schools. I flew Cherokees most of the time, and filed IFR at altitudes which I knew would put me in the clouds. That was a bumpy summer, but I built a lot of confidence.

And, ain't that low fuel flow flow nice? Who knows--maybe you'll move "up" to a Cub someday!

Ralph H

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