Don Mackenzie
(AVSIG Member)
03/20/13 04:33 PM
Buy share in Comanche???

After years of saying never, I'm considering buying a share of a 1969 single engine Comanche, PA24-260C. Everything firewall forward is new, replaced last year. Can someone talk some sense into me?

I recently moved to Windsor CA (no I'm not retired, just moved closer to the wine), at the base turn to KSTS. There's little to rent but 172's and I'm used to the C-T210 I rented in KPAO. This Comanche seems like a good compromise: Not as complex as the T210, decent performance, will let me travel reasonable distances.

I haven't been very active (an understatement) but thought to ask the experts. I can also be reached donm at mackenzieSystems dot com.

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