Ralph Hood
(Top Gun)
09/13/11 05:06 PM
Re: Rick's article in AOPA

I was still selling aircraft when Piper took on the Aerostar. I was and am convinced that it was not an airplane for the low time pilot at all. Everything on the plane leans toward speed. The only one I ever sold was to race driver Bobby Allison, who had thousands of hours time in type.
Before the arguments start, I always took pride in the fact that no fatalities occurred in an airplane that I sold. As far as I know, that record still stands. I still think the Aerostar was too complex,too clean, and too demanding for most part time pilots.
On the other hand, one of the most fun things I've evere done out of bed was a low pass with a steep turnout over an abandoned airport in an Aerostar. If the FAA takes exception to this--well, everybody knows how I l love to lie!

Ralph H

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