Terry Carraway
(Top Gun)
09/04/11 08:16 AM
Re: Rick's article in AOPA

I have a couple of hours (maybe) in a 602P and a 600P. Sweet flying airplane. I found myself using 45 degrees of bank in the pattern so the eyebrows worked. :)

There is an aux tank mod, that adds some fuel. From what I can find quickly, it brings the useable fuel capacity to 210 gallons. But reduces the baggage compartment size.

And remember, it is faster on the same or less fuel flow, so you don't need as much gas onboard. :)

Go to the 700 (350 HP per side) and at 65% power and aux fuel you have a 1000 mile range at 245 KTAS. Or if you are in a hurry, 958 miles range at 261 KTAS. :)

The 700 also has a 383 FPM single engine climb rate.

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