Mick Ruthven
(AVSIG Member)
09/03/11 01:52 PM
Re: Rick's article in AOPA

I've also never flown one, but did ride in one for about a 1/2 hour flight, in one of the rear seats, and 25 years later I still remember the noise. Definitely the noisiest GA plane I've ever been in.


I don't have any time in one, just rode. Fella here on the field had one and was having a heck of a problem with getting the gear up on takeoff. A fella with more experience had to point out he was accelerating so fast, he was waiting too long to raise the gear and exceeding gear up speed, or at least that's what the second experienced fella said.

The 166 gallons of fuel always bothered me because I make a lot of long trips and have a bit more range in the Baron.



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