B. Butler (Oregonian)
(Top Gun)
02/12/11 08:01 PM
Re: Dynon in certified aircraft


Hi Bob,

Was the Dynon in your Champ installed on a 337, or logbook entry, or?


It was done with just a logbook entry. If you look closely, you'll see that I retained all the required instruments, the rationale (agreed to by two of my colleagues-who are I.A.s)being that it was "supplemental" really no different than the common "paneldock" installations.

Looking back (I sold the Chief in June when I left Alaska), I probably wouldn't do it again, as there are a number of cheaper alternatives which hew closer to the regs, but the point under discussion was the quality of the device, and I found it to be highly suitable.

Bill (not Bob and it was a Chief, not Champ <G>)

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