treploW nellA
(AVSIG Member)
10/31/10 08:08 PM
Re: PiperJet Becomes More Biz Jet Oriented...


There is a lot to like about a single-engine turbine (jet or prop). Greatly improved reliability over piston twins, good power and speed, but reasonable (almost piston-like) fuel burns. A twin jet is going to be expensive to run, even a Mustang.

Turbine engine fuel flows are proportional to speed and weight. The fuel flow doesn't care if you get the speed out of one or two engines.

A twin engine C425 and a TBM700 both go about the same speed at FL250 with about the same FF. In the equivalent $/nm of DOC one or two engines do not make a lot of difference.

The savings of a single engine are in less weight, less systems, and less OH expense, all at the cost of less redundancy.

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