Randy Sohn
(Gradn Exlated Ordre of teh Fyling Fingres)
11/19/12 06:24 PM
Re: Restart Procedure/Bonanza


I would use the emergency landing checklist (find a good spot first!) and
forget about the engine.

Dunno tho, I sure don't have ANY practical experience with those big engined Bonanzas so am unable to say. On the plain ole early Bonanza 205s tho, we used to do it all the time. Roy didn't want his engines ran in the dust there in west Texas so we'd do what he said and stay on top of the dust layer over/on top of Lubbock's muny airport, talk with the tower, shut it off, pull it up to stop the prop and then glide down and land.

"Nuther day, nuther dollar" in the charter biz.

best, randy

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