Tony Williams [MYF]
(Public Guest)
01/21/10 11:33 PM
Re: Bought a Baron

I've been thinking the same thing... the prices of Barons are way down. I will probably gravitate to a stretch Baron. Not sure though.

Here's an article on the A/C:

The Aircenter, Inc. Cool-Air™ system is an electrically
powered, environmentally safe R-134a air conditioning system
approved by STC for installation in the B55, C55, D55,
E55, 58 and 58TC Barons. The powerful
16,500 BTU system (as compared to 14,000
BTUs in factory air conditioning) uses the
same lightweight components that are standard
in the Cessna CJ-series jets—totaling 64
pounds, mounted aft of the rear baggage area.
A prototype that I examined about three
years ago was originally placed in the nose
baggage compartment, but Aircenter wisely
determined pilots did not want to give up nearly
one-third of the nose baggage capacity.
Two evaporator motors propel 400 cubic
feet per minute of cool air flow. That’s a ton
and a half of cold air—


Congrats on a beautiful plane.

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