Tom Gresham (HDC)
(Top Gun)
01/14/10 12:15 AM
Re: Bought a Baron

Combining some answers here . . .

A fellow on Beechtalk bought the A36. (

The interesting part is that the market for Barons is so depressed that I paid exactly the same for the Baron as I got for the Bonanza. The Baron has much better avionics and interior.

I had the Bonanza five years. Certainly a record for me!

But, I had a Baron and the Twin Bonanza before I went back to the Bonanza. I don't have the need for the video shoot now, and I just like the idea of that second engine when I'm over the piney woods, rocks, or flying for two hours over 100-foot ceilings.

I just found an article by Pete Bedell about putting the IO-550 engines into his D55 Baron. I would expect the same kind of performance increase.

I sure am looking forward to seeing it!

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