Tom Gresham (HDC)
(Top Gun)
06/08/09 11:08 PM
Re: Thinking about a P-Baron

I'm looking at the Cessna pressurized twins. The 340 is smaller but faster. I don't know how much room is in the nose and wing lockers for baggage, so I need to see one.

The 414 would be nice, and the 421 would be great. I just wonder if it would feel strange flying across the country by myself hauling all that cabin behind me.

Rick, as you know, I loved the T-Bone. Wonderful plane. But, AC is number one on the wish list. Wider cabin is number two. Pressurization is three.

The mission has changed for me, and I'm not looking for adventure in flying. It's a working tool, and comfort for passengers has moved to the top.

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