Rick Durden
(Top Gun)
06/07/09 10:53 PM
Re: Thinking about a P-Baron


>>The ride in the Duke was great. Nice plane. I'm not getting a Duke.<<


I've had three friends own Dukes. Each put his on the market within a month of buying it.

The aerodynamics are awful - there are those who said that Beech engineers were told to make the airplane slow so that it would not be faster than the King Air 90. With that power and with a little work on the aerodynamics it would outrun a King Air 90 series easily; but it would have created a marketing nightmare for the turboprop set at Beech.

414A might be right for you, although it's a bit slower than a 340 on the same engines, it carries well and is an utter delight to fly. (Vgs on the 340 bump up the useful load, so a 340A might work, all things considered.) With the current market, a 421C might also be worth doing, although it would depend on the condition of the engines. Hire Mike Busch to coordinate the pre-buy exam.

P-Baron won't work for you, I suspect. Cabin is too small and the reliability history of Beech turbocharging isn't always pretty.

The reality is that you need a supercharged, late version T-Bone or Queen Air. Yeah, you'll have to suck on a bag, but it will carry what you need, go high enough to get decent fuel efficiency and fly like a dream.


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