Dave Siciliano (ADS)
(Top Gun)
12/26/08 08:07 PM
Re: Turbonormalized Baron


Dave -- Interesting discussion on Beechtalk with Keith about CHTs......I'd
like mine cooler, like you.

Keith picked right up on that Scott. Interesting how the marketing folks point out all that speed and don't mention much about cylinder life. Same thing for those that sell some upgrades. Can't blame them if reasonable.

Like I said, Beech had 420 CHTs on the P-Baron. Knew a fella whose CFI payed very close attention to that number on flights; the owner payed a lot to fly that way <g>. If it weren't for the GAMI folks including John Deakin, I'd still be flying that way and getting more Christmas cards and promotions from cylinder dealers <g> Poor guys, haven't needed them at all since I change to my current practice.



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