Dave Siciliano (ADS)
(Top Gun)
09/20/08 12:24 PM
Re: Turbine P-Baron


I have the data for a C-90 with the -135s (Blackhawk STCed engines). That's what we have looked at and a friend of mine has one.

At 10,000 feet, he gets 265 knots at 700 PPH fuel flow.

At 20,000 feet, he gets 272 knots at 525 PPH fuel flow.

At 25,000 feet, he gets 269 knots at 440 PPH fuel flow.

So, real low, he's a bit slow and burns a lot more fuel. As you can see, his TAS is best around 20,000, but he doesn't lose much speed and really reduced fuel flow in the mid 20s. Of course, one must consider wind and weather, but, in general, with these engines, he's better off in the mid 20s.



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