Dave Siciliano (ADS)
(Top Gun)
09/19/08 11:45 PM
Re: Turbine P-Baron



<< better TAS at lower fuel burn higher >>

Is it both? I always thought that it's more TAS on the same fuel burn, or in other words, more mpg.

I'll get you some C-90 performance data in the morning.

In general, fuel flows are quite high at lower altitude while TAS is lower; after one climbs with these engine and gets into the thinner air, TAS is higher while fuel burn is lower. I'll get you some specifics when I can access it. In the E-90 King air I was recently given a demo flight in, it burned over 700PPH in the climb; high speed cruise was just over 300PPH IIRC at FL270. Since we didn't level off at a middle altitude, I don't have those numbers, but can get them int he morning. Maybe someone else has them handy tonight.



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