Tom Tyson [SUW]
(Glider Guider)
06/16/08 08:18 PM
Re: Turbine P-Baron


Having your glider towed by a sprayer with a PT-6 is eye-opening

Yessir! Even with my heavy as #=!!, water laiden open class bird at Uvalde in August - moved up right smart I'd say.

The log book says that according to the recording GPS, the tow lasted 41 seconds from start of roll to release at 2130' AGL. It is the only tow I remember where the only reference I had to staying in position behind the tow plane was the wing-tips poking out on either side of my nose - I probably had a deck angle of 15 degrees or so, even with full flaps. No way I could see him over the nose. Flew the whole tow with one hand on the release, just in case.

- TT

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