Scott Dyer [HPN/NY]
(Top Gun)
04/09/08 09:23 PM
TurboNormalized A36

Periodically, folks express an interest in turbonormalized A36s for
purchase. One of our Angel Flight NE guys (HFD based) is selling his, a '79
model, 3100TT, 900SMOH. Not sure if this is a TAT installation, or something
else (he says dual Rayjays with manual vernier wastegate controls, hmmm).

If any interest, one can email me at x m l 16 7 aht gmail dot com (close
up the spaces) for a spec sheet and you're on your own.

Me, I'm looking at another guy's '63 A55 Baron, wishing that someone would
put something like that on the rental line somewhere so I could play with a
twin again, once in a while. Pipe dreams.

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