Sean Franklin
(Top Gun)
01/16/07 05:19 PM
Re: Bonanza Price REDUCED 14%


...a 10 yr old airplane with about 1,000 TT. That airplane will cost you about ONE-HALF of what a new one costs, or a savings, in the case of an A36, of about $300,000.

Same can be said about buying a used car, or used just-about-anything. While absolutely true, in raw dollars-and-cents, there are drawbacks as well.

Your 10-year-old 'Bo - How's it been run? At my 250+ hours per year, it could be engine rebuild time within a year or two, if it wasn't treated right - and a pre-buy isn't a guarantee of finding out whether it'll happen or not. I can either charter or fly commercial for a few weeks during rebuild, or pay the extra for a factory reman to minimize downtime; either will cost me some big bucks. My theoretical new 'Bo should last me 7 years or more before that kind of maintenance.

Want a solid-state ADHRS and current avionics? 6-figure upgrade for your 10-year-old. Fully integrated autopilot that won't stall the airplane in a high-altitude climb? Sorry, not an option... but both are standard on a G36.

The best-case used airplane is run-out engine, good airframe, original panel. Gut-strip the panel and redo it from scratch, put in a new engine, fully refurb the interior while you're at it. This is especially ideal if your mission is best suited by a design no longer available new, like a 210 or a cabin-class piston twin... you'll have a reliable and modern airplane, but just like a new airplane, you'll "lose" money on it immediately.

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