Joel Aiken (RDU)
(Public Guest)
01/12/07 04:49 AM
Bonanza or Columbia

I'm trying to decide between purchasing a Bonanza or a Columbia. I've been studying the pros and cons for a few months and can't decide which to go with.
I'm asking for your opinions.

I owned a Bonanza F33A from 1992 until 2001 when I sold it. Loved the Bo' but now I'm wondering if I should buy the Columbia.
I'm shopping for new or nearly new. I'm familiar with the price differences.

The Columbia appears to have a performance edge over the Bonanza, but feels more cramped (I have flown the Columbia on 2 demo flights).
I'm not sure what to make of the "composite" airframe. If it gets dinged, is it a lot worse repair that a metal airframe? Does the composite airplane weather OK when left on the ramp in the hot sun?
and what's the deal with lightning strikes? Is the composite more dangerous?

I love the G1000 (opinions here, too please) and can get it in a new Columbia for $460,000 but would pay at last $650,00 for a Bonanza with G1000.


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