John O'Shaughnessy [FCM]
(Top Gun)
06/08/17 11:05 PM
Re: FAA - Where customers come last (sign says so!)


Pretty much true. Past barricades, secure areas, treated themselves to a couple of 'sold-out' concerts. Pics to prove it.

I think the only thing better is to also carry a clipboard.

In high school, an enterprising fellow student (side note: one of three from my 45 person 8th grade class that was born on the same day in the same hospital ward as me) put on gray overalls, grabbed a hard-hat, a clip board, and a long power cord over his shoulder and got back stage into Bruce Springsteen's dressing room a few hours before the show. He had painted a 24" square painting of Bruce. During the show, Bruce pulled it out, held it up, and said "thank you" to "whoever left this in my dressing room." Pretty neat.

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