Scott Dyer [HPN/NY]
(Top Gun)
10/04/16 08:25 PM
Re: The End of FAA Charts?


I pulled out an enroute chart the other day. Clearance had me using an airway to intercept an airway. I knew there was an intersection there, easier to program the FMS.

I guess they don't give you the intersection name because it is not (officially) on both airways...(?) looks like it is though.

CREWE if U R curious. J14 to intercept J51

Jeff - I had the same thing with V airways as I headed for Duluth....intercept one airway from another, west of ELZ VOR (upstate NY). 1) There is an intersection there; 2) Before I got there I asked for direct BUF and got it (as always). I have never flown the route given on the ground when heading toward BUF.

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