Todd Alfes
(AVSIG Member)
10/05/14 07:31 PM
Re: FAA's many soft spots



I've never seen that done in 34 years

Here's an excerpt from a recent FAA press release:

"More than 140 air traffic controllers from Chicago Center are now working at other en route centers, Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) facilities and towers. Thirty-five controllers are working at the Chicago TRACON in Elgin, IL and 11 are working at OíHare, Midway and Rockford towers. Another 70 Chicago Center controllers are working at en route centers for Minneapolis, Cleveland, Indianapolis and Kansas City, and 26 are staffing TRACONS in Moline, IL, South Bend, IN, Volk Field, WI, Peoria, IL, Milwaukee, WI and Green Bay, WI."

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