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09/30/14 03:03 PM
Re: FAA's many soft spots


Larry, that is the tradition thinking, but often it is just not so. If a disaster is thought about at design time, many simple steps can be taken to minimize problems later on. For example, in this case if the servers had been distributed among several different rooms rather than all in one, recovery would have been easier.

Since this was a deliberate attack by an insider with knowledge of how the system worked, why do you think that he wouldn't have adjusted his attack based on how the system was designed? In your multi-room example he could have started fires in the multiple rooms or chosen a different point of attack that wasn't redundant? Alternately, he could have started the fire in the control room itself which also isn't redundant.

In any case, the result would likely have been the same. All airplanes landing safely and the flight schedules involving Chicago Center airspace were impacted.

How much money do we spend to avoid inconvenience in the event of relatively unlikely occurrences? Wouldn't that money be better spent in areas that could produce broad based improvement in overall system safety?

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