Scott Dunham (RDU)
(Top Gun)
09/30/14 07:34 AM
Re: FAA's many soft spots

Back in the day, MITRE had a project to think through potential backup plans, and one of them envisioned distributed centers where instead of working a large contiguous block of airspace, each center worked sectors scattered all over the country. The idea was that if one center crashed, it would be easier to deal with transferring responsibility for smaller outages all over to 20 other facilities than to try to transfer a huge block of airspace to a relatively few adjacent centers. For instance, under a "normal" backup plan if Seattle crashed, Oakland and Salt Lake would have to take half a center each. If Virtual Seattle crashed, Boston could pick up a sector or two in the northeast, Jacksonville could take one or two in the southeast, etc. Apparently they decided it was administratively too cumbersome, but I still think it has merit - especially since the technology of distributed processing has come a LONG way since the 1980s when they cooked that plan up.

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