Russell Holton
(AVSIG Member)
09/29/14 04:33 PM
Re: FAA's many soft spots


As for fire-fighting, just what agents would you recommend for a space which includes both electronic devices and large numbers of people?

In terms of total damage, you might do well with simply killing power and let it burn itself out.

Technically, "electrical fires" are not fires. They just create enough heat for something else to burn - including things that are not normally combustible. (Including certain kinds of fire retardants.) Kill the power, and you kill the heat source. Typical computer room environment doesn't have much in the way of combustibles so the fire should be self-limiting.

Now, in this situation an gasoline was used, so the fire is going to be nasty. But it appears that CO2 would do well in this situation.

But going into an equipment room with fire hoses and I have to ask: Did the fire suppression cause more damage than the fire was capable of?

But it also raises the question: Since this seems to be an equipment room with few people in it, what kind of fire suppression system did it have?

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