Russell Holton
(AVSIG Member)
09/29/14 01:30 PM
Re: FAA's many soft spots

What is "the system"? The airport or the overall airspace?

Any number of things can close one airport. I suspect the real problem is the airlines may not have a backup plan if their hub goes down or is drastically reduced in capacity. Is that the FAA's fault or the airlines?

Edit: No sooner than I post when I hear this on the radio:

FAA Orders Security Review After Sabotage Draws Scrutiny

"Of 29 racks of computers driving the communications equipment, 20 were destroyed by fire and water damage, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said today."

Really? Water for an equipment fire?? Bad idea.

But I suspect the real issue will be a single individual being unsupervised in such a sensitive area.

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