Mac Tichenor (DAL)
(Top Gun)
08/04/11 11:17 PM
FAA funding

Hoping to keep this out of the hot section... Does anyone know whether the small markets* whose subsidies are proposed to be eliminated in the House version of the FAA funding bill constitute the entirety of that subsidy program or were they picked out from a larger constellation of markets? In other words, does the house bill propose to eliminate the subsidy program or just a selected part of it?


*Morgantown, W.Va.; Athens, Ga.; Glendive, Mont.; Alamogordo, N.M.; Ely, Nev.; Jamestown, N.Y.; Bradford, Pa.; Hagerstown, Md.; Jonesboro, Ark.; Johnstown, Pa.; Franklin/Oil City, Pa.; Lancaster, Pa.; and Jackson, Tenn.

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