Mark Kolber (TTA/NC)
(Public Guest)
12/16/09 02:32 PM
Re: More logging cross country time


Sure, CFI logs x/c, never seen anything against it, and it's instruction from
t/o through landing, unlike the safety pilot time

But it doesn't involve being "sole manipulator" during that takeoff and landing, which is what the Chief Counsel seems to require (especially in that trade-off answer).

I'm not saying the CFI can't. Quire the opposite. But I am pointing out that you can't really analyze these decisions on anything other than a "that's the policy we want to support" basis.


What have you seen "recently" "confirming the logging of approaches done by a
trainee in actual"? I've always understood that to be FAA policy, though
the regulation on instrument currency doesn't address it.

It was in Lynch's old FAQ but was still argued extensively. It was finally "ratified" officially by the Chief Counsel's office in 2008:

Guess it depends on one's definition of "recently."

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