Dean Gibson [PAE]
(Public Guest)
07/11/09 11:16 AM
Re: Logging cross country time?


Your response sounds as though you thought I didn't answer your question.

It was a general comment to the thread, not directed to your response.

I found my (Jeppesen) June 1995 copy of the FARs, and I note there:

1. The FAR regarding logging of flight time doesn't even mention cross-country, let alone a definition of it.

2. The Private and Commercial Pilot (Airplane) requirements are for cross-countries to have on landing at a point more than 50nm from the departure point.

3. The ATP (Airplane) requirement has no distance specified.

As to when the above 50nm requirement changed from 25nm, I can't say, although 25nm was the requirement when I got my Private and Commercial certificates in 1967 & 1968, respectively.

So, I can't say what the AOPA guy was looking at, because I see no 25nm mention in the June 1995 FAR 61, other than in the "Student/Recreational Pilot" section.

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