Cole Loftus [C89]
(Top Gun)
07/08/09 12:24 AM
Re: Logging cross country time?

I did a bit more homework, out of curiosity, on

Apparently it was in 1997 that the cross-country distance requirements for
certificates were consolidated in 61.1, and removed from the "aeronautical
experience" sections for the several certificates, where they resided

You can review the 1/1/07 regs and compare them to the 1/1/98 regs to see the
differences. FARs are under Title 14 at the above web site. These are the
earliest regs I saw on that web site. Older regs may be available in printed
versions on other sites, or in archives at law libraries or large public

The only reference to a 25nm distance for cross-country that I've run across
is in old versions of 61.93, which sets out requirements for CFI endorsements
for cross-country flights. This reg states specifically that it uses
"cross-country" to mean over 25nm, but restricts this definition for use only
in application of 61.93.

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