Joe Budge (W29)
(Top Gun)
07/07/09 09:49 AM
Re: Logging cross country time?



My Piper Private Pilot Manual (c) 1983 lists the 50-NM requirement.

Are you sure? Here's the exchange I had with AOPA...


I checked the 1996 and 1997 hard copy of the FAR/AIM and they had the old regulation listed. When I checked 1998 it had been changed. Before this time FAR 61.93 listed the requirements for students performing cross country flights and this was changed in the 1998 version leading me to believe the August date is likely the correct one.
I checked the 1997-98 versions once again and for a student pilot (cross country time towards a certificate or rating) the distance is listed as greater than 25nm.

Best regards,
Chris Prichett
Aviation Technical Specialist
Government Affairs –Pilot Information Center

Sorry about the delay in responding - I've been off-grid for a while. Your correspondent at AOPA is looking at the wrong regulation. 61.93 discusses the requirements for a student pilot to make any flight to an airport other than the airport of takeoff. 61.109 describes the aeronautical experience requirements for a Private Pilot Airplane rating and has the 50-mile rule.

Like some others here I received my PPSEL in '89. The text we used (referenced above) was last updated in '83. It was actually a Jepp manual private-labelled by Piper. My '84 copy of Kershner says the same thing.

FWIW, the Piper/Jepp manual was previously updated in '77 and '79. The change from when you received your ticket in '76 probably happened in (or just before) one of those years.


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