Cole Loftus [C89]
(Top Gun)
07/01/09 04:14 PM
Re: Logging cross country time?

It was well before 1997. The 50 nm requirement was in effect when I got my
private in 1988. A 1973 Jeppesen/Sanderson commercial text shows 50 nm as
the requirement for x/c time for the commercial flight test. The oldest book
I have, the 1969 FAA Flight Instructor's Handbook, does not address the
regulation directly, but includes a syllabus allowing at least three hours
for the first dual x/c flight, including 3 landings. One might infer 50 nm
from this.

Keep in mind that the x/c flight requirements may have varied by certificate,
and also that some or all changes may apply retroactively.

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