Scott Dyer [HPN/NY]
(Top Gun)
12/19/17 01:38 PM
Tracon Radar Snafu?

Scotty Dunham, or an approach controller.... a question: Today I was doing a practice approach with a student (RNAV 20 @ HVN), on a vector to GUMP (IF). When just about overhead GUMP, the approach controller (ISP area of N90, LOVES sector) said that we were "not even close to GUMP", and instructed us to make a 180d turn to get there. When I responded that we were directly over the fix, in the turn to the final approach course, he reiterated that we weren't over GUMP...and then corrected himself and said that we were over GUMP. I mentioned that the radar must have been out of calibration momentarily. He responded, "yeah, I reached for it and you're over GUMP". (At least that's what it sounded like in replays on and at the time.) No harm, no foul, I thanked him for looking our for us...

But, what did he "reach" for, might he have had the radar on a more distant sensor (HPN, for example) that showed our position materially different? I doubt that it matters but this aircraft was GTX345 equipped with ADS-B Out.

(This, of course, after I'd made the point earlier in the lesson that ATC can call fixes on an approach as an aid to the pilot, or in an emergency when equipment fails....oy!)

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