Todd Alfes
(AVSIG Member)
07/24/17 10:08 PM
Re: 30/90 degree intercept?


Yes, you clear an aircraft via LIZZE at courses up to 90 off of the localizer. The controlling paragraph is the one you mention, 4-8-1 e:

If a procedure turn, hold-in-lieu of procedure turn, or arrival holding pattern is depicted and the angle of intercept is 90 degrees or less, the aircraft must be instructed to conduct a straight-in approach if ATC does not want the pilot to execute a procedure turn or hold-in-lieu of procedure turn.

That's not the way I would have written that paragraph, but ask yourself "how can it NOT be legal" given what the paragraph says.

LIZZE is an IF/IAF, which qualifies the fix for use as either type of fix.

The chapter 5 stuff that refers to 20/30 degree intercepts does not apply in this case because the pilot is not receiving vectors to final - the pilot is being cleared for a pilot navigated approach with a little twist, the twist being that ATC is doing away with the holding pattern and clearing the aircraft straight in.

Clearing the aircraft this way allows the controller to move on to other priorities without blowing the turn-on later.

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