sreyoB yrraL
(AVSIG Member)
07/24/17 11:35 AM
Re: 30/90 degree intercept?


San Diego is a great place to live, for sure. The price of housing is humbling when you hear what other people pay for homes. It's getting out of control. Also, the 8 dollar beers are annoying.

I love going to SAN. The weather is always "better". We stay at the Westin so lots of stuff in easy walking distance. USS Midway, Kansas City BBQ, Gaslamp, Werewolf for breakfast, Karl Strauss for beer, what's not to like?

Always have to remember to cross JETTI at or below 12,000' on the ZZOOO1 SID. (What do you have F16s departing there? That would be quite the climb rate!) What traffic is that protecting?

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