Stephen Loeffler (SoCal TRACON)
(Public Guest)
07/24/17 11:24 AM
Re: 30/90 degree intercept?


The 7110.65 quotes say "assign heading". If you're cleared direct to a fix you're using some kind of RNAV which will lead the turn to provide a smooth intercept. On a vector, you are waiting for the localizer to come alive and will likely overshoot with higher intercept angles.

Also says you can clear an aircraft to a fix 3 miles or more from the FAF, as long as the intercept angle isn't more than 30 degrees.

San Diego is a great place to live, for sure. The price of housing is humbling when you hear what other people pay for homes. It's getting out of control. Also, the 8 dollar beers are annoying.

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