sreyoB yrraL
(AVSIG Member)
07/23/17 11:17 PM
Re: 30/90 degree intercept?


The trainee believes you can be east of PDZ and clear the aircraft direct to LIZZE for a straight in ILS, no procedure turn. To me, this doesn't seem right, and goes against what I have read elsewhere (and earlier in this chapter!)

The 7110.65 quotes say "assign heading". If you're cleared direct to a fix you're using some kind of RNAV which will lead the turn to provide a smooth intercept. On a vector, you are waiting for the localizer to come alive and will likely overshoot with higher intercept angles.

Are vectors and direct-to-fix treated differently with regard to the intercept angle?

I forgot you were in SAN. Great layover, and always fun doing the full LNAV/VNAV arrival like the LYNDI4 to the RNAV Z Rwy 27 (though the 3.50deg path makes unexpected speed reductions challenging). Went to a Padres' game in '15.

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