Scott Dunham (RDU)
(Top Gun)
06/27/17 01:18 PM
Re: Class E Airspace Question

Who says you can't do homework on a phone?

The HQ bunnies seem a bit confused - according to the Federal Register entry for that airspace, the extensions go to the surface. I assume the FAA considers both the 4.3 nm class D/E area and the surface area extensions to be class E surface area associated with the airport, so I'm leaning toward SVFR required to take off/land anywhere in it if ALW is reporting less than VFR.

The "tower authority" limited to class D argument strikes me as a red herring, since a VFR tower is essentially issuing SVFR clearances by delegation from the overlying IFR control facility. If the wx requires SVFR, the pilot has to get it from somebody - and the extensions are surface whether the ATCT is open or not.

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