Denny Cunningham
(Top Gun)
06/26/17 04:33 PM
Re: Class E Airspace Question

I may be compounding the confusion by the terminology I've used in this thread: the AIM section on Class E (3-2-9) differentiates between "Extension to a surface area" and "Airspace used for transition". I've been loosely using the term "extension", but the area they're talking about is (I think) more accurately described as "transition". I did learn the difference 49 years ago, but apparently it slipped my mind after the change to alphabet airspace....

Regardless, I just don't see evidence anywhere in the AIM section regarding Class E that supports the idea that a pilot operating VFR in Class E has even a communications requirement, let alone a clearance requirement.

For instance, the section on "extensions" specifically says: "The extensions provide controlled airspace to contain standard instrument approach procedures without imposing a communications requirement on pilots operating under VFR." Those extensions are considered part of the surface area-- it would seem that, since communications aren't required there for VFR flights, they wouldn't be required in the transition areas, either.

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