Andy Alson (HPN/NY)
06/26/17 12:18 PM
Re: Class E Airspace Question

I agree with Scott that the magenta (or red?) dashed lines indicate class E down to the surface. If the airport is either Weller Canyon (my guess) or Page (which doesn't show as a private airport) it is not in the Class D at all, which would mean that the towered airport has no control over that airspace at all. The tower only has control over the Class D airspace associated with the airport and can't issue any clearance outside that airspace since all the Class E airspace does is create different weather minimums for VFR flight than in the nearby Class G airspace.

The discussion of different types of Class E airspace is irrelevent since the tower only has control over Class D airspace.

If the pilot meets the VFR requirements for Class E airspace he should be good to go no matter what the weather is in the Class D airspace nearby.

If the FAA wants the tower to have control over the extensions they need to chart it with blue dashed lines denoting the Class D airspace and tower control rather than with the magenta lines that only denote different weather minimums.

At least that's what it looks like to me.


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