Denny Cunningham
(Top Gun)
06/15/17 04:00 PM
Re: Class E Airspace Question

Quote: is the pilot supposed to know that he/she has to do things differently because the central airport is IFR?

I asked the same question, but didn't receive a satisfactory answer.


Also, is the central airport considered "uncontrolled"?

Central airport is what we used to call 'uncontrolled", I guess the term "non-towered" is preferred today; in any case, there's no Class D.


You said "no tower", so I'm guessing there's no report tower either.

Not sure what you meant by "no report tower either". Just assume there's an accredited weather observer of some sort at the central airport. It used to be pretty common to have various employees, anybody from airport manager to lineboys, certified to take observations at non-towered airports served by a Part 135 operator. I imagine most of that is automated these days.

For the record, Gil, my response was pretty much the same as yours-- I told 'em that, first, if it's good VFR where I'm at, it wouldn't occur to me to check the weather at a non-towered airport six or seven miles away. But even if I did for some reason, and found out it was zero-zero there, it wouldn't prompt me to request any sort of ATC clearance, so long as I was confident I could remain VFR after departure.

Good discussion, guys, I appreciate it. I plan to talk to my HQ contact over the weekend, present some of the ideas presented here, hopefully gain some insight into what prompted the question and see if the muckety-mucks came up with any sort of definitive answer.

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