Russell Holton
(AVSIG Member)
06/15/17 02:48 PM
Re: Class E Airspace Question


Can a pilot legally depart the private airstrip, and climb through the overlying Class E extension, without contacting the controlling facility? It is assumed that the pilot can comply (or, at least, claim to comply) with the required VFR weather minima for Class E airspace as he does so.

Question from the peanut gallery: Assuming that it would be legal for the pilot to do this if the weather was VFR everywhere, how is the pilot supposed to know that he/she has to do things differently because the central airport is IFR? What was done might not be "legal" but I'm not sure how enforceable unless someone could make a case for "should have known".

Also, is the central airport considered "uncontrolled"? You said "no tower", so I'm guessing there's no report tower either.

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