Scott Dunham (RDU)
(Top Gun)
06/04/16 09:33 AM
Re: Is the Pirep system broken?

Yes. If you'd like about a two-hour rant on PIREPs and NOTAMs, I can hook you up with one of my guys that's running our PIREP forum in a couple of weeks...

Some companies are real good about passing along PIREPs from their crews, some practically treat them like proprietary information.

The ATC process for getting them out of the building is all over the place: frequently, "Controller writes info on paper, calls supe, hands to supe, supe takes to either the facility meteorologist (if any), or gives to the flight data guy (often other side of the room) to enter into the system. Or the supe might call FSS to pass it along, if they answer the phone fast enough to fit within his other duties."

It's not good...

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