B. Butler (Oregonian)
(Top Gun)
06/19/10 01:46 PM
Re: my ATC-CTI hiring update


Yesterday, I called the FAA Academy to ask many questions about the hiring process and I was told that the next selection panel is in October. Are there any documents or actions I can take that would expedite the hiring process?

There is nothing you can do to change the October thing, but you can start working on the lengthy security process now. Go to: www.opm.gov/forms/pdf_fill/sf86.pdf and download that form. Fill that out in all its excruciating detail. They will ask for employment and residence info that you will have to research and correspond to acquire, etc. Don't skip anything, don't decide, "they don't need to know that." Give them what they ask for.

When they get to the credit and criminal record parts, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE leave anything out. There is plenty of room to explain embarrassing youthful indiscretions and they are actually pretty understanding, but if you omit something and they find it, that is THE END.

They will ask about arrests, as well as convictions. If some judge or attorney has told you that your record will be expunged or some other fantasy, do not believe it. Tell them everything and explain how you were young and stupid and never did that again.

Bill Butler

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