B. Butler (Oregonian)
(Top Gun)
12/25/17 08:32 PM
Re: Ecuador, really??!!

Needless to say, I see my deal sliding away, leaving me with a brake assembly I have no use for, a useless export license, an airplane I no longer want and a couple grand for my trouble

My broker shops the insurance and gets gets one quote: $7500 for ten days, liability only.

I'm in Puerto Vallarta, trying to drown my troubles, when I get an email from my broker saying, "Balance hit our bank today, will be in yours tomorrow."

Buyer... no, belay that...the new owner has decided to work on the insurance issue, and if he can't work it out by February, we are to disassemble the aircraft, box it and ship it to him.

So, it's taken a while to get to the punchline, but the answer to your ferry pilot question is: Maybe, talk to your insurance broker.

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