B. Butler (Oregonian)
(Top Gun)
12/25/17 07:42 PM
Re: Ecuador, really??!!


Bill -- We're so jaded. <G>

I'm heading to Guyaquil, Quito and Coco (and points east of there) in March. Need a ferry pilot?

Wow! That's a kink in the narrative arc indeed. Story follows:

Airplane has been with a local broker since last winter. A few inquiries; one in June developed through sales contract, frantic doc prep, signatures (remember, I'm in Canada)...no money.

In October inquiry from Ecuador: does it have right-hand brakes?. Reply: no, but commonly flown from right seat, just use hand brake. Counter: Must have right brakes, will you install?

Me: No.
Him: I'll pay, how much?
Me: quien sabe? Muestrame el dinero.

So he sends $5000, nonrefundable, to hold the airplane, find and install the brakes and secure the export license. ...and he asks how much for me the install.

We find a salvaged brake assembly pretty soon, but quickly realize, you don't ADD the brakes, you start all over from NO brakes.

In the course of our search, we are told, "Can't be done." "I did it; never again." "It's pretty easy after you cut the hole in the side of the airplane."

We assure him we can do the install, but my shop refuses to give a price. He wisely says, Put the box in the luggage compartment, he'll get it done in Ecuador, to the enormous relief of me and my shop manager.


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