Ray Tackett
(Top Gun)
11/25/17 09:12 PM
Aircraft in Production - 1956

Page 195 has a picture of a Tradewind as tanker.

Page 68 has a picture of a Cessna 620. 1956 must have been the year I saw it
in a Cessna ad in "Flying". Five seats, four engines!? What were they
thinking? It was faster than the 310, but that's about all one would have
gotten for the extra complexity, fuel burn, and maintenance.

I turned 11 in 1956. My first reaction to the ad was that the 620 existed to
fulfill some rich private pilot's fantasy of flying a four-engine airliner.

IMO, Mr. Cessna did well by putting the thing out of his misery.

No, I did not read all 400+ pages. I just skimmed, admiring the ads and the
pictures up to about page 180.

Thanks for the link. Lotsa memories there, due to my father the electrical
engineer for a defense contractor, as well as my own intense interest in

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