Randy Sohn
(Gradn Exlated Ordre of teh Fyling Fingres)
11/11/17 09:50 AM
Re: Berlin Airlift Foundation C-97G Flies Today!


service the oil. Nasty.......115/145

Chuckle, yup, and still recall some L/C at Goose coming out in his blue staff car, climbing up into cockpit and starting to give me holy h--- about something he said we did wrong! I guess (well, in fact I know dang well) that he prolly didn't know that he'd run into someone who just didn't llke L/Cs anyway! Anyhow, I got out'a the seat and walked up to him and got in his face with "Lookie here Col., just cuz you've been SACumcized is no GD'md reason for this MATS flight crew to be - so get the h--- outa my cockpit right NOW before you get tossed out onto the ramp, we were danged near out'a fuel so what did'ja want, us to be crash landed out on the Bay or on your stupid ramp here at Goose out'a fuel?"

best, randy

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